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Choosing Jewellery

Choosing a piece of jewellery as a gift is often seen as a nerve-wracking experience!  But, with our help, you can make it fun and memorable for your thoughtful choice.  A piece of silver or gold jewellery makes an excellent gift, which gives lasting pleasure.  

Before you buy an item, it pays to take a little time to narrow down the choices - after all, were you clothes shopping, you would know whether you sought a pair of boots or a nightdress, so taking the same approach to jewellery buying makes sense too!  And, of course, please ask for our expert advice - we have a huge range of products and have been advising customers in our business for over 15 years.

Choosing the ideal piece can be a daunting prospect, so we have some put together some tips to make it easier. 
What to buy?

Earrings, pendant, a ring… the list goes on

Consider the person you are buying for - do they wear studs or drop earrings, or are pendants their preference?  Do they wear bangles or chain bracelets, or are they keen on expanding their watch collection?  Your budget will also be a factor when considering which item to buy; earrings and smaller items will be cheaper, so if you want to opt for a larger piece, it may be better to team up with a group of friends or family members.



Is your recipient attracted to clean, contemporary lines, or would a classic design be more appropriate?  Do they prefer large statement pieces or smaller delicate ones?



Consider whether your recipient has a favourite colour for clothes, or a recent addition to their wardrobe, which could provide ideas for which stone to opt for.  Hair and skin colouring can also help to narrow down the choices: blonde hair and blue eyes look great with turquoise or pale blue topaz, for example, while dark hair perfectly offsets garnet or peridot.  Rose quartz, say, is tremendous against darker complexions.  

Contact us, and we shall be very happy to suggest a variety of tones for you.

Or you may decide to stick to plain silver or white gold, with its variety of textures - satin, polished, hammered, and many others.



Choosing by birthstone or stone properties are great ways of personalising a gift; each has its own astronomical meaning;

Moonstone is good for those embarking on a trip, as it is said to provide protection whilst travelling, whilst Labradorite is good for those in education, as it aids concentration.  Lapis brings harmony in relationships, while malachite aids sleep.  If you are buying for a gardener, consider moss agate, the Gardener’s Stone; Moonstone is often referred to as the Midwives' Stone.

When you are buying from our website, we can provide inspiration and advice for your gift. Just give us a call on 07887 776104; if we don't answer it's because we are busy doing other things, like walking the fells or out cycling along the Solway Firth. But  leave a message and we will get straight back to you within 24 hours. We have more products than those on the website, and can WhatsApp photos to help you find exactly what you are looking for.